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Adding a new hotel or customer

As you are Building your tours you can add a hotel by highlighting add hotel and then hitting the Go button.

Figure 1. 

The next screen will give you the opportunity to add a hotel to your tour. We can check to see if the hotel we want is already in the database , by hitting the find button and entering a name or partial name, phone number or city name.If it is not already in the database we can easily add it.

Figure 2. 

The next screen allows us to search for the hotel in the database, or just add the new hotel. It is a good idea to search and see if it is already there if your not sure.

Figure 3. 

Press the go under select filter.

Figure 4. 

If your hotel is already listed in the data you can simply select from there or if not all the way to the botom of the list we find the Add Member button.

Figure 5. 

Pressing the Go button under add member brings us to the following screen where we can fill as much information as we have about the hotel to be added.

Figure 6. 

Then by pressing the add button here we are taken to the next screen which is very similar but has an update button we can use to update information on this form and a select button for adding the hotel to the database.

Figure 7. 

Now we can go find our new hotel in the database and add it from there.

Figure 8. 

Press the go button next to the new hotel.

Figure 9. 

Click the add button.

Figure 10. 

The new hotal has been added to our tour. We can add new customers to our tour just as easily as we have just added a new hotel. By highlighting Customers and filling in as much information as we have about the new customer. Then click the add button.

Figure 11. 

Again we can now look in our customer database and find or new customer.

Figure 12.