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Customer Cash Management from the Customer Database

1. Introduction

There are several ways to manange receipts tied to customers in the GoTour system. One way is directly through the customer database. This allows you access any customer you have stored and view their receipts, charges and refunds. This also gives you the ability to modify a customer's receipts.

First you need to search the database for your customer. So, make sure you are on the customer menu screen

Customer Menu Screen

Figure 1. Customer Menu Screen

As you can see this is where you can search for a specific customer using the filter options. So, using the default filter, click the 'GO' button. This will bring you to a page where you can enter a name to search for.

Customer Search

Figure 2. Customer Search

As you can see, you can enter the customer's name here and search the database. This filter will accept either first or last names. Once you click the 'GO' button, you will see a listing of all results that matched your search criteria. Find the customer you want and click the 'Go' button to the left of their name. Now you will be at the main information screen for that person.

Customer Information Screen

Figure 3. Customer Information Screen

As you can see this is where information about the customer is stored. You have his address and other personal information. You can also view any receipts, charges or refunds that customer might have. You can also post a receipt from this screen. This allows you to manage a customer's cash without going through the tour directly. This was you can deal with receipts from different tours all in one spot.

2. Customer Receipts

If there are receipts that are posted to your customers account you will see the 'Show Receipts' button. So, in order to view all the receipts that are connected to this customer, click that button.

Customer Receipt Listing

Figure 4. Customer Receipt Listing

Here is a listing of all the receipts that this customer has connected to his account. In order to view one receipt indivdually, click the 'GO' button to the left of that receipt.

Customer Receipt

Figure 5. Customer Receipt

Here you can see the date the receipt was posted. As well as which tour it is connected to. It also lists what kind of receipt it is, i.e. check, cash or charge. This particular receipt is due to a refund from a tour party removal. Listed is the check for the refund as well as the cancellation charge that was associated with it.

3. Refunds

You can also view the refunds that are connected to your customer. From the customer's main information screen, if you click the 'Show Refunds' button. This will allow you to see a listing of any refunds that this customer has recieved

Refund Listing

Figure 6. Refund Listing

As you can see there are two refunds listed. In order to view a refund in more detail, click the 'GO' button to the left of it.

Customer Refund

Figure 7. Customer Refund

As you can see this refund is the connected to the receipt we looked at earlier. The reason for the refund is listed as well at the date it was issued. Also you notice at the bottom there is a list of all the receipts connected to this customer. Since your refund connects to a receipt, this is where you can manage that. As you can see, this particular refund is connected to the bottom two receipts. This is what the Apply checkbox does. It will make a connection between a refund and its corresponding receipts. If you want to modify this, you can check or uncheck the Apply boxes. Make sure you click the Update button for your changes to take effect.

4. Charges

You can also access and modify or add charges to your customer's account through this screen. If you are at the main customer information screen, you can click the 'Show Charges' button to see a listing of charges that the customer may have.

Charge Listing

Figure 8. Charge Listing

As you can see there is a charge listed here. If you remember from the examples of receipts, there was a charge connected to the refund receipt. This is the charge. If you would like to see the details of the charge, click on the 'GO' button to the left of the charge listing you want.

Charge Information Screen

Figure 9. Charge Information Screen

Here the customer's name is listed as well as the date that the charge was created. An explanation is listed as well to help you remember why the customer was charged in the first place. Notice you can adjust the type of charge it was, as well as the amount at this screen. Like refunds you can associate a receipt you would like the charge to apply to. This is helpful in keeping all your receipts balanced and to know how the charges are connected to those receipts. Any time you make a change to the charge, remember to click the 'Update' button. This will save any changes you made.