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Complimentary Customers

Often times you may want to give a customer a complimentary tour. Such as the tour leader, or someone who is heavily involved in the planning of a tour. GoTour lets you do this very easily and gives you some options as well. GoTour also lets you set individual passengers as complimentary, not an entire booking. That way you can have multiple passengers under one reservation listing, but not all have to be complimentary.

NOTE: Any option costs added to a tour are not complimentary for the passenger. Therefore they would have to pay any fees associated with the tour, such as a cancellation fee.

1. Making a Complimentary Reservation

Many times you may want to give someone a complimentary tour for whatever reason. With GoTour you can do this right when making the reservation, this way you do not need to go through any extra steps. So, to begin, let's say we are going to make a reservation for a tour. First make sure you are at the main tour screen.

Main Tour Screen

Figure 1. Main Tour Screen

So, in order to continue click the button. Now you will be at the reservation screen. As always you can either fill in a name, search the main database for a name or search the transfer database. In order to search either database use the button next to the corresponding one, either customer or transfer. You will then be brought to a screen with a filter that allows you to search for the customer you would like to use. Once you have selected the customer you want, using the button to the left of their name, you will see the reservation screen again, only this time with their name filled in.

Reservation Screen

Figure 2. Reservation Screen

Once you have filled in the type and number of rooms you need along with any other information you will need to click the button. In order to make the reservation comp you will then need to click the button. This will give you a list of all customers under that party. In this case, there is only one. So, click the button to the left of the customer's name. Now you will see the following screen.

Comp Reservation

Figure 3. Comp Reservation

As you can see there is a drop down box for the "Comp" option. So in order to make this customer's reservation complimentary change the "no" to a "yes". Then you need to click the button in order to save your changes. After you save your changes you'll notice that the price goes to zero. This is expected since the tour is complimentary.

2. Making a Tour Party Member Complimentary

GoTour lets you set a member of a tour party as complimentary even if their reservation has already been made. This way you do not have to worry about reservations with multiple people where only one is complimentary. To start, make sure you are at the main tour screen of the tour you are working on then click the button. Now you will see a listing of all the reservations for your tour. Find the party your customer is under and click the button. Now you will see the reservation screen.

Reservation Screen

Figure 4. Reservation Screen

In order to see a list of all the customers under this reservation click the button. Find the customer you want to make complimentary and click the button to the left of their name. Now you will see the following.

Making a Reservation Complimentary

Figure 5. Making a Reservation Complimentary

As you can see the complimentary option is set to "yes". Again, make sure you click the button. Once you do that, GoTour will adjust the total reservation cost to reflect the complimentary passenger. This way you do not have to worry about adjusting any figures.

GoTour also adjusts the party summary report to let you know there is a comp reservation. So, if you click the button from the reservation screen your report will look similiar to the following.

Party Summary Report

Figure 6. Party Summary Report

As you can see the report tells you that there is one reservation at 0.0. This lets you know that you have a complimentary reservation under that tour party.