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As you are building your tours you will be adding hotels, attractions, and components to the tour. If you are adding a new hotel, you will now be able to make it a vendor at the same time. Select on Work on Day for the first day of the tour. Click on Add A Hotel and then Go.

Figure 1. 

The next screen will give you the opportunity to add a hotel to your tour. By clicking on the Find button, you will be taken to the next screen where you can add a hotel.

Figure 2. 

You can either use the Add A Member function (this would be for a brand new hotel) or Select a Filter function where you would search for a hotel already in your database. Let's create a new hotel. Click on the Go button under Add A Member.

Figure 3. 

Fill in as much information as you have for this hotel, rates, description, expiration date, contact information, as much as you have for this company; including prices and contacts. Click on the ADD button and this hotel will now be on the list for the day.

Figure 4. 

Figure 5. 

As you are Building your tours you can add a hotel by highlighting add hotel and then hitting the Go button.

The next screen will give you the opportunity to add a hotel to your tour. We can check to see if the hotel we want is already in the database, by hitting the find button and entering a name or partial name, phone number or city name. If it is not already in the database we can easily add it.

Figure 6. 

The next screen allows us to search for the hotel in the database, or just add the new hotel. It is a good idea to search and see if it is already there if your not sure. Press the go under select filter.

Figure 7. 

Press the Go button under Select Filter.

Figure 8. 

If your hotel is already listed in the data you can simply select from there or if not all the way to the bottom of the list we find the Add Member button.

Figure 9. 

Pressing the Go button under Add Member brings us to the following screen where we can fill as much information as we have about the hotel to be added.

Figure 10. 

Then by pressing the add button here we are taken to the next screen which is very similar but has an update button we can use to update information on this form and a select button for adding the hotel to the database.

Figure 11. 

Now we can go find our new hotel in the database and add it from there.

Figure 12. 

Press the go button next to the new hotel

Figure 13. 

Click the add button.

Figure 14. 

The new hotel has been added to our tour.

We can add new customers to our tour just as easily as we have just added a new hotel. By highlighting Customers and filling in as much information as we have about the new customer. Then click the add button.

Figure 15. 

Again we can now look in our customer database and find our new customer.

Figure 16. 

Let's set up a deposit due for this hotel. We are working on the Niagara Falls Tour starting 7/11/2007. Work on Day for the 11th, click on the Go button next to the hotel.

Figure 17. 

The amount of the deposit needs to be entered and the due date. If you know the balance due, you could also enter that amount and the date it is due. Click on Update.

TIP: If you make changes, you need to click on the Update button. If you are only looking at the information, just click on the Back button.

Go back to work on the Tour. Select the tour you are working on. Click on the Amounts Due button. A new screen will pop up with the deposits and balances due. This is a list you can print.

Figure 18. 

Return to the screen for the tour you are working on. You will notice there is a Compute Price button. If you click on it, it will make computations for you.

Figure 19. 

Afterwards a new set of buttons will appear. These buttons are the Pay Deposits and Pay Balances Due buttons.

Figure 20. 

NOTE: These buttons allow you to make payments for Tour expenses. They don't appear until you have set up the payables for the vendors.

If you click on the Pay Deposits Due button, the Vendors for which there are deposits due list will appear and you can select the one you want to pay. Click on the Go button. The list of payables for that vendor will appear.

Figure 21. 

Click on the Pay Unpaid button to enter the amounts you want to pay. On the following screen you will be able to enter the amount you want to pay (either full or partial.) Be sure to enter both Estimated and Actual amounts. If you don't the payment won't go through. Put any note you might need. In this example, it is: print tour number on check. It could the be the name of the escort who needs to have the check. Click on the Add button.

Figure 22. 

You will now be able to print a payment request.

Figure 23. 

A separate screen will pop up that you can print for your accounting department. You can close the screen after printing it.

Figure 24. 

NOTE: After you print the request, the date will automatically be entered into the payment.

You also have the ability to create Payables for additional charges unrelated to the tour, such as minor additional charges; ie: late fees or mailing fee.

Figure 25. 

Click on the Post Payable button. Enter the information you need including the reason for the payable.

Figure 26. 

Click on the Add button. You will then be able to go through the same procedure to produce the information you need to create a check.