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Working With Notes and Itinerary Building in GoTour

GoTour lets you set notes within the tours that can be printed on the party summaries. This way you can give the customer extra information if need be. In GoTour there are three levels of notes for you to work with: company notes, tour confirmation notes and itinerary notes.

1. Company Notes

GoTour lets you set a company note that will be present on all the Party Summary reports. This note makes it possible for you to tell your customers any details about the tour, payment, etc. It is very easy to set a company note. Once you log into the GoTour system, go to the Main menu. From there you need to click the Company button. Now you will be at the filter screen and you can search for your company. Below is an example of a company screen.

Company Screen

Figure 1. Company Screen

As you can see this is the set up for your company. On this page there is a place for you to type a comfirmation note. Remember when typing, if you put a period in GoTour views this as a carriage return. This means that when your note is printed that anything after a period will be put on a new line. Once you type in your note you will need to click the Update button to set the changes. Now this note will be present on the bottom of all your party summary reports, unless you override it in individual tours.

In order to view the note, you will need to go to a tour. So go to the Tours menu and use the filter option to find a tour you would like to use. Since you want to view a party summary report, you will need to view an individual reservation. So, click the Show Reservations Button then select one of the reservations from the listing that shows up. Now you will be at the reservation screen and there is a Print Party Summary button. Once you do that you will be presented with the option to print the itinerary or not. For this example we won't print the itinerary.

Itinerary: Yes or No

Figure 2. Itinerary: Yes or No

Since 'No' is the default option, you can just click the Print Report button and your report will pop up. If you wanted to print the itinerary you would have just typed 'Yes' into the box instead of leaving it 'No'. Below is an example of the party summary report.

Party Summary Report

Figure 3. Party Summary Report

As you can see the same line that was under the confirmation note in the company set up is the same as the one on the report. If you look at the note on the compay screen you will notice that there is a period after the line 'This is a company note'. This period did, in fact, get treated at a carriage return and caused the next sentance to begin on a new line. The company note will always print on the first page of the report directly under the payment information.

2. Confirmation Notes in Individual Tours

As mentioned earlier, you can override the company note in an individual tour. This way you can set specific notes for any tour if you wish. In order to do this, you must first find the tour you want to use. Use the Tours menu and then the filter options to search. You'll notice on the main tour screen that there is a place for a confirmation note.

Main Tour Screen

Figure 4. Main Tour Screen

So, in order to add a confirmation note to this tour simply write what you would like to appear on the party summary report in the box. Remember that a period is used to denote a carriage return. So, any period you put in your note will begin a new line when it is printed on the report. Make sure you click the Update button to set the changes once you are finished. Below is an example.

Confirm Note Example

Figure 5. Confirm Note Example

In order to view your note you must print a party summary report. So, from the tour screen click the Show Reservations button. This will give you a listing of all the reservations for the tour. Select one and you will see their reservation screen. If you click the Print Party Summary button you will be asked if you would like to also print the itinerary. For this example we aren't going to print the itinerary.

Itinerary: Yes or No

Figure 6. Itinerary: Yes or No

As 'No' is the defaul option, we just need to click the Print Report Button. Now the report will pop up on your screen. The confirmation note always prints on the first page under the payment information.

Party Summary Report

Figure 7. Party Summary Report

As you can see instead of the company confirmation note being at the bottom of the report, the new note is there. Also notice how the note is in three lines. This is because of the periods that were used when typing the note. This note will only show up on party summary reports for this specific tour.

3. Itinerary Notes

GoTour lets you store notes that you can use later in an itinerary. This is helpful for more generic notes that you may want to reuse. These are under the main menu under Notes. If you click that button you will be able to search for a specific note already stored or add a new one to the database. For this example, we will just view an example listing. So, if you use the filter option 'Select all Active Members' and click the Go button you will see the following.

Note Listing

Figure 8. Note Listing

As you can see there are four notes listed. These notes are stored in this particular company's database and can be used on any tour. So, in order to use one you must first be at the tour you want. In order to find your tour you must click on the Tours menu button that is under the Main menu listing. Then you can search for your tour. Below the main tour screen is shown.

Main Tour Screen

Figure 9. Main Tour Screen

In order to add an itinerary note you must be in the work on day mode. So, make sure you have the correct day highlighted if it is a multi-day tour and then click the Work on Day button. Now you will have the option to add an itinerary note.

Add Existing Itinerary Note

Figure 10. Add Existing Itinerary Note

Here you can highlight 'Add Note' then click the Go button. This will take you to the generic screen to add a note. Since we are going to use a note thats already in the database, you will want to use the Find button to search for it. Once you click the Find button, you will be at the Notes menu screen. Here you can search for a specific note or use the default 'Select all active members' option. If we use the default and click the Go button we will be back to the listing of all notes shown earlier. Here we can choose one for the tour. Since the tour deals with a crab feast we would want that corresponding note. So, by clicking the Go button we will be taken to this next screen.

Adding an Existing Note to the Itinerary

Figure 11. Adding an Existing Note to the Itinerary

As you can see the note is now filled in. You can set the time if you would like to whatever you want. Once everything is set, click the Add button. Now your note is added to the itinerary. So, if you click the Back button it will take you back to the screen where you can work on the tour day. Below is an example.

Added Itinerary Note

Figure 12. Added Itinerary Note

As you can see the new note is now listed in the itinerary. Now when you print a party summary report the note will be included in the itinerary portion.

If you want to add a specific note into the itinerary just for that tour you can do that very easily. In order to do that you must be at the tour you want to work on. Then click the Work on Day button. Make sure you are on the correct day in the case of a multi day tour. Now you will be at the same screen as before where you can select to add a note. Highlight 'Add Note' and click the Go button.

Itinerary Note Example

Figure 13. Itinerary Note Example

This is the screen where you would type in your note and select any other options you want. You'll notice there are two boxes that you can type into: description and instructions. The description is where you would type anything that you would like the customer to be able to see if you were to print the itinerary. The instruction box is where you would keep information that is soley for the driver of the tour. When you print the tour's driver instuctions these instructions will print out in the driver's itinerary. As you can see you can change the appearance to either normal or bold. If you select bold whatever is typed in the description box will print in bold. All information typed into the instruction box prints in bold automatically.

Itinerary Note Example 2

Figure 14. Itinerary Note Example 2

As you can see the two boxes have been filled in for an example. Also the appearance has been set to bold. So, when the party summary is printed the note will print in bold. Make sure you click the Add button after you are finished composing your note. Now in order to view a party summary, you must be back at the main tour screen. So, use the Back button in order to return to the tour you are working on. Now since you want a party summary you must go to one of the tour reservations. By clicking the Show Reservations button you will see a listing of all signed up for the tour. Select whichever one you want. Now you will see thier individual reservation screen. To view the party summary report, click the Print Party Summary button. Now you will be asked if you would like to print the itinerary.

Select Yes to Print Itinerary

Figure 15. Select Yes to Print Itinerary

Before we always went with the defaul option not to print the itineray on the party summary report. However since we want to view itinerary notes, the itinerary must be printed this time. By typing Yes into the box and clicking the Print Report button you will get the following.

Party Summary Report with Itinerary

Figure 16. Party Summary Report with Itinerary

As you can see this time the summary report has the tour itinerary on it. Notice how the note we added is printed in bold. Also we only see what was entered into the description box. This example report is just part of the whole itinerary which explains why you only see the first two events.