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Creating Customers and Tour Components on the Fly (GTO)

Often times, when you want to add customers or other tour components to your tour, they are not listed in the database. The GoTour system lets you add these items 'on the fly'. This way you do not have to exit your tour to add to the database, saving you time.

1. Adding Customers

In order to book a customer on a tour, you must first search for the tour. Make sure the menu is selected. Since the default filter option search open tours, click the button. Now you will be able to enter your search criteria. For this tutorial, we will search for 'opera'. Anything you search will produce the tours with corresponding information. Once you have found the tour you want, click the button. Now you will see the main tour screen. Below is an example.

Main Tour Screen

Figure 1. Main Tour Screen

In order to book a new customer on the tour you need to click the button. Now you will see the add reservation screen. Below is an example of a typical reservation screen.

Reservation Add Screen

Figure 2. Reservation Add Screen

As you can see you can configure your reservation here. You can select the type of room you need as well as set any options. For this example, we'll set the reservation for a double room. Next you will need to association this reservation to a customer. So, click the button. Now you will be able to search for a customer. For example, let's say we want to search 'harnett'. Below is an example of the search results.

Customer Search Results

Figure 3. Customer Search Results

As you can see there are a few choices. However, for this example, assume we want to make a reservation for Fred Harnett. He is not listed in the database, so we will need to add him on the fly. At the bottom of the listing there is an option to add a new customer. So, click the button. This will allow you to add a new customer to the database as well as to your tour. Below is an example of the screen you would need to fill out.

Adding a Customer

Figure 4. Adding a Customer

On this screen you can add in the name of your new customer along with their address. You can also enter in additional information such as their bithdate, if they smoke and a spouse name. Once you have filled everything out click the button. Now your new customer has been added into the database. Now if you click the button you'll notice that you are back to the original reservation screen. Only this time the customer name has been filled in with the one you just added. You will need to adjust the number of reservations needed. Since this example is for one double, we would enter the number '1' into that spot. In order to book the reservation click the button. Now a new reservation has been made. If you would like to return to the main tour screen, simply click the button.

2. Adding Tour Components

Often when you want to add a new component to a tour, it is not in the database causing you to take the extra time. However, some of the components in the GoTour system come with the ability to be added to the database on the fly. These components are pickups, options, attractions, hotels, and restaurants. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish this task. To begin you must find the tour you want in your database. Once you are at the main tour screen, click the button.

Main Tour Screen

Figure 5. Main Tour Screen

Make sure you are on the correct day of the tour that you want. Now you will be at the screen where you can add components to your tour. For example, let's add another pickup to the tour. So, highlight the 'Add pickup' option from the drop down menu and click the button. Now you will be at the screen where you can add the pickup. Below is an example.

Pickup Add Screen

Figure 6. Pickup Add Screen

As you can see you can fill in the information directly, however that would not add it to the database. So, click the button. Now you will be able to search for a pickup already stored. For example, we will add a pickup from the Cooperstown school. So, if we search 'high school' we would see the following.

Pickup Search

Figure 7. Pickup Search

Since the school we want to use is not listed, we will add it on the fly. So, at the bottom of the screen there is an option to add a new member. Click the button and you will be brought to a screen where you can add your new pickup. Fill in all the information you need here, such as the description and address. You can also set rates if you would like. Once you have filled all the necessary information in, click the button followed by the button. You'll notice you are back at the pickup add screen only now the name of the pickup is filled in. This extra step allows you to configure the time before you commit it to your tour. So, select a time for the pickup and click the button. Now the new pickup has been added. If you click the button, you will be back to the tour components screen. Clicking button again will bring you to the main tour screen.

All the other components that you are able to add on the fly work in the same manner.