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After you log in to GTO:
• Select Main
• Select Tour
• Type in Cooperstown to get list of all the tours whose Tour ID or Description match.
The selection and navigation methodology we are going to describe here is standard throughout the program.
• Click on Select Members to get a list of matches.
This is the list of matches.
• Click on Go to "Move-into" the Baseball HOF Weekend Tour.
This is the Tour Summary Screen. It is the control panel for making reservations, working with existing reservations (show reservations) printing operational reports (use the Pull Down next to Boarding List) and adding components to the tour (Work on Day.)

• To make a simple reservation for a double room click on Make Reservations.
This is called the Party Summary Screen.

• Type a 1 into the Double Rooms slot. The person selected on this screen is the Responsible Paying Party for the reservation be it a retail or group booking. You cannot type in this passenger's name, you must select it from the Customer Master List. The reason for this is that all cash is managed through this Customer Master Account.

• Click on Find to get the Customer Select Interface.
Click on Go to enter selection criteria.
Enter the criteria for a match on your customer list. In this example, we are looking for a match for "Craw".
There is a 20,000 name sample customer list in this evaluation to give you some idea of the performance searching big lists. You should enter at least one or two letters for search criteria. If you click on Select Members with the criteria blank the system will try to present you with the entire list which could take some time as your browser tries to build this entire list.

• Click on select members with "Craw" or some other match request.
In this example we are selecting Lebra Crawford by clicking on Go.
If the match you were looking for is not on the list you can add a member on the fly by selecting Go Add A Member at the bottom of the list.
This reservation now has the two required elements. A number of rooms and a selected responsible paying party.
Click on ADD to complete the reservation.
Rather than DO more work on this booking now, I want to show you how to work on a reservation that already exists.

• Click on Back to return to the Tour Summary Screen.
Following are some error messages that you get if some of the required booking elements are missing.

• No customer selected.
• Select back returns you to the tour summary screen where you have to reselect Make Reservation.

• No room selected.

• Select Make Reservation.

• This booking
exceeds the number of rooms allocated to the tour.

• This booking exceeds the number of passengers allocated to the Tour.

• This message means the person selected is already booked as a traveling passenger on the tour.

• To recover from this error you have to select Tours and then reselect the Tour altogether.
To work on existing reservations, post payments, add passengers, select options and seating, etc. Click on Show Reservations.
This is a list of bookings or reservations on this tour. In this example we have a mix of group and retail bookings, with a 43 passenger group for "Bartlo" and 2 retail booking for "Agro", and the booking we just made for "Crawford".

• Click on Go to select the Crawford booking.
This is the Party Summary Screen. You can post a receipt for the whole party by selecting Post Receipt here, or you can select options and pick up for all passengers in the party if they are the same for all traveling passengers. In this case we will work with the individual passengers.

• Click on the Show Customers button. This is a list of traveling passengers.

• Click on Go the select Lebra Crawford.
This is the Passenger Booking Detail Screen.
• Click on Post Receipt to receive a payment for this passenger.
This is the Receipts Detail Screen.
• Type in the amount to be received.
• Select the Payment Type from the Pull Down.
• Type in the check or ccard number.
• Click on Add to complete the transaction.
This is the Passenger Detail Screen with the Seat Selection Grid displayed.
In this example we have selected the Cancellation Protection option for this tour. The Pickup is in Cherry Valley and Seat #2. We have also entered a Passenger Note.

• Click on update to Save option and Seat Selections, etc.
• Then Click on Back to return to the list of Traveling Passengers on this Tour.
When you create a Booking or Reservation the system creates Anonymous Passenger slots to hold the room space or one day seats.

• It is not necessary to put any names in for these Anonymous Passengers.
• Or you can put in a name that is associated with this tour only and not in the Customer Master list.
• Click on Go next to the Anonymous passenger.
To put in a Passenger name that is not on the Customer List, you can type in the Last Name, First Name and Select Options, Seat and Pick up for this customer, select Update to Save.

[Don't forget the comma to separate the Last and First Name.]

Some other notes about this Passenger Detail Screen:

• You can also find or (or select) a Passenger from the Customer Master list to fill this Anonymous slot, rather than type in. The difference is that you cannot receive money against a customer not selected from the Customer Master List.

• If you select Yes for Comp from the Pull Down there will be no Room Charge computed for this passenger. (Paid options are not "comped.")

• If you need an individual passenger Receipt/Confirmation, select Print Customer summary.

• On Multi-Bus Tours, you can select which bus you want to assign this passenger to.

• It is also possible to select a passenger to fill this slot by transferring them in, either from another booking on this tour or booking from another tour. (See the Transferring Passengers Document on the GTO Help Desk.)
*Click on Back to return to the Passenger list.

• Select back to return to the Party Summary Screen.

• To Print a Receipt/Confirmation for the whole booking select Print Party Summary. This is the document you would give to a Group Leader or Head of Household.

• Select Back to return to the list of Reservations.
We are finished with this tour. Click on Select to select another tour.
As you have seen, this is a Drill Down interface. From:

• Select a Tour
• Select a Reservation
• Select a Booking Party
• Select a Customer or Traveling Party.
When you are finished with the system, you should always log off, so that you do not consume a user license.

• Select Help from the Main GTO Menu to go the GTO Help desk.

• We are constantly adding documents to this area and we encourage you to send us email with your suggestions and tips and traps that you have for other users.