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Transfering Customer Cash to Another Party

1. Transfering Funds Between Customers

GoTour lets you transfer funds from one customer to another customer's account. In order to do a basic transfer you must first search for the customer you want to transfer from. So, begin at the Customer menu.

Customer Menu

Figure 1. Customer Menu

Here you can search for the customer that you want using the default filter. Just click the 'Go' button under the filter. Enter the customer you want into the search field and click the 'Select Members' button. You will see a listing of all customers that match your search criteria. Find the one you want and click the 'GO' button to the left of their name. Now you will be at the main customer information screen.

Main Customer Information Screen

Figure 2. Main Customer Information Screen

As you can see this is where all the basic information for the customer is stored, such as address, phone number, spouse, etc. You can also access all their receipts, refunds and charges. In order to transfer funds you need to click the 'Show Receipts' button near the bottom of the information screen. You will then see a listing of all receipts associated with your customer. Find the one you want to use as a transfer and click the 'GO' button to the left of it.

Receipt Information Screen

Figure 3. Receipt Information Screen

This is the screen showing information about one particular receipt. As you can see an amount has already been filled in for the transfer (Xferred) amount. Once you fill in the amount you want you then you need to find your customer that you want to tranfer the money to. So, click the 'Find' button to the right of Customer. This will bring you back to the main customer menu where you can use the filter to search a customer's name. So, follow the steps you did to find the original customer only using the new name. Once you find them and click the 'Go' button to the left of their name in the listing you will see the next screen.


Figure 4. Transfer

As you can see it looks like the screen you were just at before you searched for the new customer. Only this time the customer you just searched for is listed under the name category. Click the 'Update' button to commit the transfer. Once you do that, you will notice that you're back at your original customer's screen.

Transfer Results

Figure 5. Transfer Results

Also you can see that the amount of available funds for your customer has been adjusted correctly. Also you can see that a note has been automatically added. This will help you reference the transfer and to remember where the funds came from. If you go back to the customer main menu and search for the customer you transferred the funds to you will be able to see how their receipts changed.

Transfer Results Cont.

Figure 6. Transfer Results Cont.

Here is the listing of the customers receipts. As you can see the transfer is listed. If you click the 'GO' button to the left of the receipt you will be able to view it in detail.

Transferred Receipt

Figure 7. Transferred Receipt

As you can see all the information has been filled in automatically when you transferred the funds. The date of the transfer is listed as well as a note stating where the funds were transferred from. This will help you remember the information at a later date.

2. Transferring Funds Between Tour Customers

GoTour also lets you transfer funds within the tour. This is helpful if you have a cancellation on a tour espicially if the cancelled person was in charge of the tour party. Assuming that you already have the person booked on a tour and you want to cancel them, first find your tour, then show the reservations. Find your reservation and click the 'GO' button to the left of the name.

Tour Party Reservation Screen

Figure 8. Tour Party Reservation Screen

Since this is the tour party reservation and you want to view the customers, click the 'Show Customers' button. Now you will see a list of all customers connected to that tour party.

Tour Customer Listing

Figure 9. Tour Customer Listing

So, in order to cancel the customer use the drop down menu to the left of the customer's name. Highlight cancel and click the 'Go' button.

Cancelling a Customer

Figure 10. Cancelling a Customer

Now you will be at the screen where you can officially cancel the customer. You can add in any information that you would like, such as a note or a charge amount. Once you are set, click the 'Cancel' button. This will permanently cancel the customer. Now if you click the 'Back' button you will be able to see the customer listing for that tour party reservation and view the modifications.

Updated Tour Customers

Figure 11. Updated Tour Customers

As you can see from this listing, the customer has been cancelled. Now, in this example, this customer was the one with cash on account for the tour as well as the tour party leader. So, in order effectively transfer the cash from the cancelled tour leader you will want to set a new tour leader and then transfer the funds.

In order to begin this next process, click the 'Back' button to get back to the tour party reservation screen. Your cancelled customer is still listed at the party leader. In order to set a new one, use the Find option next to customer. This will bring you back to the main customer menu screen where you can search for the customer you would like to set as the new party leader. In this example we are going to search for one of the customers that is already booked on this reservation, Jeremy Taylor. After searching you will again see a listing of all matching customers. Click the 'GO' button to the left of the one you want. You will see the following screen.

New Tour Party Leader

Figure 12. New Tour Party Leader

If you look, now the new customer is filled in the name slot as the tour party leader. You will also notice that the number of rooms needed as been adjusted to account for the cancellations. Now if you click the 'Update' button, you will have set a new tour party leader.

Since you have the funds for this tour under the customer that has been cancelled you will want to transfer them to the remaining customers still on the tour. In this example we went from three customers to two. So, we have to make a double transfer. With GoTour, you must transfer the amount for both customers to the first customer and then make another transfer from that customer to the remaining one. In order to illustrate this concept, we will go through an example.

Transferring funds this was is just like a normal transfer through the customer main menu. So, from the customer main menu and using the fitlers search for the cancelled customer. At their information screen view their receipts and select the one that you want to work with, ie, the one from the tour they were just removed from.

Transferring to Customer 1

Figure 13. Transferring to Customer 1

In this screen the transfer amount as been filled out as well as the customer the funds are being transferred to. As shown in the first example, in order to obtain the customer's name you are transferring to, you must use the 'Find' button next to the customer line. This will take you to the customer main menu where you can search for the transfer customer. In this example, we transferred the funds to the new tour party leader (customer one for this example). As stated earlier you must transfer funds from the cancelled customer to customer one and then to the remaining customer. So, the transfer amount in this one accounts for the funds that both of the remaining customers on the tour will receive. Now that your customer name is filled in you can add any other information you would like or just click the 'Update' button.

Transferred Funds

Figure 14. Transferred Funds

After you click the 'Update' button, the screen will go back to the customer you transferred the funds from, as you can see from this figure. You can also see how the available cash has been adjusted to account for the transfer.

Since all the cash was transferred to customer one you will need to transfer some of it to the remaining customer (customer two). Now you will need to search for customer one and access their receipts. This is done by using the filter from the customer main menu. Once at the customer's information page you can click the 'Show Receipts' button to view a listing of receipts.

Receipt Listing for Customer One

Figure 15. Receipt Listing for Customer One

As you can see the transferred receipt is listed along with a note explaining where it came from. In order to continue and transfer funds to customer two, click the 'GO' button to the left of the receipt.

Customer One's Receipt

Figure 16. Customer One's Receipt

Just like before, you have to enter in the amount you want to transfer and then search for the customer's name you want to transfer the funds too. Once you find the customer, remember to click the 'GO' button to the left of the name. Now you will be back at the receipt screen again only the transfer customer's name will be filled in.

Finished Transfer

Figure 17. Finished Transfer

Now, just make sure you click the 'Update' button in order to save the transfer. If you click the 'Back' button next you will see a listing of customer one's receipts.

Customer One's Receipt Listing

Figure 18. Customer One's Receipt Listing

As you can see from the listing, the receipt is noted to have some of it transferred to the other tour customer.