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New Features

Customer Receipt Without Associated Tour

We have created the ability to print a customer receipt summary without applying the receipt to a specific tour.

Navigate from Reservations To Customer, at the Customer Screen, Post Receipt, Add.  There is now a "Print Receipt" button which creates a printable summary confirming receipt of a customer’s receipt.  This can be used in instances such as school groups where money is received from the parents of the school children but you are not yet ready to reserve them on the tour.

Changes and Issue Resolution

Profit Percentage Field

Navigate From Reservations to Tours, Select a Tour.  The "Profit Pctg" field has been removed from the Main Tour Screen.  This area is under construction.

Refunds From Customer Screen

Navigate from Reservations to Customers, From Refund Credits, Show Unapplied Credits and Show Receipts:  Entry of $0 Refund is no longer possible.

Refund Credits:  Back Button

Navigate from Reservations To Customers.  From Refund Credits button, the "Back" button no longer returns to Refunds Screen.  Now the “Back” button returns to the Customer Screen, as expected.

Show Refunds:  Back Button

Navigate from Reservations to Customers.  Click on Show Refunds button.  To List, Choose & click on GO.  Back button returns to Customer Screen (skips the list screen).  Now returns to refunds list as expected.

Change Bus Map (Layout) Within Vehicle Component

Navigate from Reservations to Tour.  From Main Tour Screen, to Work on Day, to Vehicle Component.  Changes in the Vehicle Layout at the vehicle component screen are no longer allowed.  Changes will result in an error message:  "cannot change vehicle layout!"

One Day Tours and Changing Numbers of Passenger Reservations

In One Day Tours:  Navigate from Reservations to Tours.  At Main Tour Screen:  Show Reservations:  Changing the number of Passengers in "Pax" field now results in expected number.

Day Marker Issue

Issue:  When a tour is cloned and, then, the depart and return dates are changed, the component dates and times do not match the tour dates.  This is now resolved.  A tour can be cloned and, then, the dates can be changed without day marker inconsistencies.

Crash GTO by Running Multiple Large Requests Simultaneously

Issue:  Running multiple large requests simultaneously (such as adding large numbers of reservations on multiple tours at the same time) results in deadlocking (freezing) the GoTour program.  The creation of tour Customers has been enhanced and is now much faster, reducing the probability of deadlock. However, there may be other situations that cause the program to deadlock and we will continue to review the program for these.

Online Credit Card Authorization:  Under Construction

The GoTour Online Credit Card Authorization system is under construction.  You may notice some new fields and buttons in V1.24.  These are currently disabled.  Under the "Finance" button you now see the "Credit Requests" button and in the customer receipts are the "Credit Response" field and "Void Response" fields.  You may also notice the "Force Code” field when you add or view a receipt.  Watch for more information regarding our new credit card system!


Modified Reports

Tour Party Receivables Report:  Balance Amount of $0 Appears on Report

Navigate From Reservations to Parties, Select a Report, Tour Party Receivables Report (by Booking Date or by Depart Date).  Parties with $0 balance due no longer appear on this report.



Payments by Vendor Report

Navigate from Finance to Payments, Select a Report:  Payments for Date Range and Vendor.  This report printed a blank last page.  Blank page no longer prints.  The words "Grand Total" and the grand total numbers ran together when the grand total was a large number. This has been corrected.

Daily Receipt Report and Refunds

Navigate from Finance to Receipts to Select A Report.  Choose Daily Receipts.  Refund Amounts & Refund Totals no longer appear on Daily Receipt report under "Applied" heading.  Column will be blank if no money has been applied to tour.

Tour Return Date Revenue Report

Navigate from Reservations to Select A Report.  Tour Return Date Revenue Report now includes 2008 in the drop down list.

Customer and Party Summaries:  Standardizing Language

Party & Customer Summary language describing number of passengers and amount due is now standardized.  Both read as "X Full....@ 125.00".

Party Summary and Confirm Note

Dollar amounts, decimals and periods in the Confirm Note on the Main Tour Screen now print out the same way on the Party Summary and the Customer summary.   A period followed by a space moves the following text to the next line.  A period followed immediately by a character (such as $100.00) appears as expected.  The leading space on  the second line has been eliminated.

Null Pointer Exceptions

Notes:  Null Pointer Exception

Navigate from Reservations to Notes, Select a Filter:  All active, GO.  Click on "Add a member" Click on "Back". Returns to  Null Pointer exception.  Null Pointer resolved.

Cloning a Multiday Tour and Null Pointer Exception

Cloning tour with fewer days than original tour no longer returns to Null Pointer Exception.