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Release Notes – GoTour:  1.25.2

New Features

Change Tour Dates to Earlier Dates:  no longer allowed!

Eliminates date and time consistency errors caused by tour date changes to earlier dates.  GTO no longer allows tour depart and return dates to be changed to earlier dates.

This is the error message produced upon date change to earlier date:  "Tour isBeingChangedInCollection: new depart date time less than old depart date time!"

Note:  Times on the tour can be changed in either direction.

Duplicate Customer Detection

In an effort to prevent duplicate customer entries GTO has created duplicate customer detection and an “Allow Duplicate” check box.  This feature allows you to view possible duplicate customers, and will allow entry of duplicates if you desire them (for instance when the same customer is listed under different organizations, etc.)

GTO compares the newly entered customer data with existing customer data to detect duplicates.

GTO uses two tests to detect duplicates.

First, the new entry’s information in the “Last Name” field, and the last 4 digits in the Phone field is compared with the same fields in all the customers in the existing customer list.  Please note that GTO does not look at Phone2, CellPhone, or Fax fields.

Next, the contents of the new entry’s “First Name” field and “Last Name” field and the leading numbers in the “Address” field are compared with all the customers in the existing customer list.  Please note that GTO does not look at Address2, city, etc. fields.
Any possible duplicates are listed under the current entry upon clicking the “Add” button.

To use:
Navigate from Reservations to Customers.
Click the “Add a Member” button.  Once the new customer data entry is complete,
Click the “Add” button.

Any possible duplicates are listed at the bottom of the new customer screen.  The new entry is listed first and in italics for easy comparison.

Possible outcomes are:
No match is found:  Click on the “Add” button again to save the entry.

Duplicates are found and you do not wish to save the new entry:  simply click “Back” to get to the customer list and choose the appropriate customer to continue.

Duplicates are found and you want to save the new entry:  Check the “Allow Duplicate” box and Click the “Add” button.  If necessary, edits can be made to the new customer screen before the “Allow Duplicate” and “Add” button are checked.

The new duplicate information section at the bottom of the customer screen includes:
Name:  “Last Name” and “First Name” fields
Phone:  “Phone” field information, only
Address:  “Address”, “Address2”, “City”, “State” and “Zip” fields
Organization:  “Organization” Field
Contacts = CellPhone, Other (Phone2), Fax and Email fields

GTO duplicate detection feature is not case sensitive.

GTO now Auto generates a drop off when adding a pickup location

Drop offs are now automatically added when a pickup location is added to a tour.  The pickup component screen now includes “Drop off” day and time fields.  After choosing the location, modify the day and times and click on the “Add” button.

Work on Day
Add a Pickup
Find pickup (and drop off) location
Modify “Day Time” fields to designate pickup day and time
Modify “Drop off” fields to designate drop off day and time
Click on “Add” button
The drop off day and time fields will disappear from the pickup component screen but it will be added to the list of components on the designated day (or the same day if it is a one day tour).


“Is the drop off” box should be used for adding a drop off location only.  If “Is the drop off” box indicates “Yes”, no pickup will be added for this location.

Adding a pickup location will automatically add a drop off whether “Is the drop off” is Yes or No.

Remember that drop offs cannot be selected for passengers.

If the pickup time is not designated it will default to the Tour Depart time and date that has been designated on the Main tour Screen.

If the drop off time is not designated it will default to the Tour Return time and date that has been designated on the Main Tour Screen.

Drop offs will be added to the designated day relative to the times of other components, ie if the drop off is designated for 9:30 it will be inserted between the 9:00 drop off and the 10:00 drop off.

Drop offs can be removed if you do not want them to appear on the tour.

Drop offs are now designated as “drop offs” on the Work on Day component list.  (Previously “drop offs” were listed at “pickups”).

Changes can be made to the drop off and pickup component screen by modifying the information and clicking on “Update”.

Options and Variable Pricing

Options, unlike other components, can have both variable costs and variable prices.  A passenger option such as a show ticket can cost different amounts for seniors and for children, etc.  Sometimes you may want to price the options higher (or lower) than your cost.  How to designate variable costs is fully discussed in the 1.25 Release Notes.

Use the Unit Price field on the options component screen to designate variable prices.

In the Options component:

  Unit Base = cost
  Unit Rate = cost + tax 1 + tax 2 + margin
  Unit Price = price as determined by tour builder

Use the same conventions as with variable costs and variable tour pricing.  The predetermined one letter symbols are the same:

f = full*
z = free
s = senior*
p = parent*
c = child*
i = infant*
y = youth*
t = teenager*

* these letters can be assigned any name in the “Rate Names” field on the Main Tour Screen.  For instance “c” could represent “teacher” if you so choose. “z” is reserved for comps.

There must be a corresponding reservation type for every variable price type for the prices to be assigned accurately.

If no unit price is designated, then GTO uses the unit rate as the price.

If a variable unit base (cost) is designated, but no variable unit price is designated, then GTO uses the full cost as the price.

New Interface for Adjusting label sizes and fonts, etc.

New “Types” for Labels

GTO has a new area for storing and adjusting label types for Tour Passenger Name Tags, Tour Passenger Bag Tags and Tour Passenger (Mailing) Labels.  This is where the specific label stock definitions are added to insure that text prints in the correct area of the label.  Please call RBS for help applying the proper settings for your label stock

Create Anonymous Passenger Address for Manifest

There is now an address field on the anonymous passenger reservation screen to allow entry of the passenger's address.  The anonymous passenger address field is in preparation for a Manifest report.

Modified Features

Receipt Number Field: "Auto-Complete" turned off

As an added security measure, GTO has turned off the “auto-complete” feature on the number field in the receipt screen.  Previously entered information (check numbers and credit card numbers) will no longer appear in a drop down window for selection.  Please keep in mind that the “auto-complete” feature is a browser feature that is not controlled by GTO.  It may, or may not, be a feature which is turned on on your workstation.  It also varies by browser:  Some browsers support the “auto-complete” feature and some do not, therefore, some users will have this feature and some will not.

Transferring Customer Money Made Easier

We have created a new and easier way to transfer funds from the responsible party to other party members in the same reservation on the same tour.

New to the receipt screen is a section that includes these columns:
Party Member:  includes all customers (anonymous passengers are unable to receive money) in the reservation
Amount Paid:  total receipts applied for each customer in the party
Action:  interface allows easy transfer of funds from receipt to other members of the reservation.

To transfer money from the receipt:
At the receipt screen:
Click in the “Add Receipt For” box for each member you are transferring funds to.
Delete the word “Same”
Enter the amount of funds to be transferred.  If the same amount is to be transferred to each member then enter the amount in the first “Same” field.  If the amount will be different, delete “same” and enter desired amount in each field.


The “Amount Paid” column will reflect the total amount of funds applied to each party member for this tour.

Any funds remaining are applied to the Responsible Party and will appear in the Amount Paid column next to the responsible party’s name.

Different members can be transferred different fund amounts.  Remember to delete “Same” and enter the desired transfer amount.

Both Party and Customer summaries reflect the transfers clearly.

Modified Reports

Customer Export:  New Filter Parameter to "Include everyone" on customer list

Navigate to Reservations and Customers.  At “Select a Report”, choose Customer Export and click on “Print Report”.


The “Set filter parameters” screen now has the option to “Include everyone”.

If “Include Everyone” is “no” GTO looks at the other filter parameters for direction in capturing the customer list.

If “Include Everyone” is “yes” GTO disregards all other filter parameters and returns a list of all customers on the customer list.


Customers who are NOT included when "Include everyone" = yes are:

            Customers whose customer type is "Driver",

            Customers who are cancelled

            Anonymous passengers

Tour Profit Report

Fixed costs now compute correctly after multiple printings.

Tour Labels to Sort by Bus

Passenger Bag Tags and Passenger Labels are now sorted by bus.

Report Clarification

Customer Export and Interests

Correction to using the "Interests" field to export customers:
“Interests” field should be entered using the following conventions:

To capture all customers who have nothing entered in the “Interests” field as well as those that have something in the interest field, use the following:
"empty+all" or "all+empty" or "all empty" or "empty all"

To capture all customers who have nothing entered in the “Interests” field as well as those who are interested in “casino” use this:
"empty+casino" or "casino+empty" or "empty casino" or "casino empty"

Commas should not be used to separate filter requests.

If you choose "Yes" for "Include everyone", GTO disregards information in the Interests and Purposes fields, as well as the depart date fields.

Issue Resolution

Errors upon replacing or removing a vehicle

Issue:  System did not allow removal or change of bus even if no one is seated on it.
Issue has been resolved:

Can now replace a vehicle with seated passengers but the pax are unseated.

Can now remove a vehicle only when all pax are manually unseated.

Cannot remove vehicle with passenger already seated:  returns an error message. “cannot remove a selected vehicle”.

Tour Date changes past 3-9-08 (Daylight Saving Time)

Tour Date Changes where the dates are changed past 3-9-08 (Begin DST) sometimes result in incorrect “Work on Day” Dates.  This issue has been corrected.  Previous tour date changes that have resulted in incorrect tour dates can be corrected by changing the tour dates to a one day tour and expanding to the full date range, however, this will result in losing any components applied to those dates and the tour will have to be rebuilt.


Interests Field and Trip Purposes

Users can refer to the list of trip purposes that appears below the Interests field in the Customer Master Screen to complete the Interests field for new customers.  Click on the arrow to the right of the field for the complete list.